Two Particles Hit Me in One Heartbeat

Among other things, there is a given space, a woman, Katerina, a man, Jelte, a tube, a plastic bag, a radio, and the principle of relating. Part of the space is lighted, the stage, and part of the space provides a point of view for the audience. Katerina was born in the Czech Republic, Jelte is Dutch, the plastic bag was found on the internet and can be ordered in a box of hundred. Jelte has slightly lighter skin than Katerina and weighs more. The plastic bag is transparent and has the average weight of a plastic bag. The tube is the shiniest of them all.
The radio is a player, Katerina is a dancer and makes up songs on the spot. Jelte is a musician and chooses the radio mostly for its size. He likes the sound of folding the plastic bag. Katerina hesitates about ordering a hundred while you need only one.
Jelte and Katerina think that they, the tube, the plastic bag, the radio and the other things are all one, but struggle to get their minds around that. Unlike water. Water gets around everything effortlessly.

Imagine that objects, actions and people hide their essence. Imagine they display only certain facets, and we observe the ways those facets are compatible, or incompatible yet together. How do they appeal to each others nature, how do they challenge each other?
We could listen to your rhythm and compare it to mine or to the sound of folding a transparent plastic bag. Do they need to match to make music? Since your facets are so different from mine, how do we notice moving in the same direction? How do we articulate the way things are together?

Two Particles Hit Me in One Heartbeat from Studio Zijspan on Vimeo.