About me and about this site

After years of trying to find the one thing that I would specialize in, I decided to specialize in doing many different things. All related to music though. I play double bass, cello, bass guitar, ukulele and some electronic instruments. I find myself playing in orchestra’s, ensemble’s, indie bands and improv groups. I compose music for theatre, perform in music theatre and dance productions, create performances, and occasionally engage in dramaturgy and montage for theatre groups or dance companies.

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Since none of the things I do represent the whole, I chose to stuff this website with almost all my previous, current and upcoming activities. The tags on the side give you a tool to browse through and find the things that interest you by clicking on them. If you’d like to use multiple tags you can do so by clicking on the search symbol and typing two or more tags. On some devices you’ll find the tag cloud on the bottom of the page.

Some posts contain only little information, but will give you links to other websites, for more content to check out. Some posts are still under construction. I hope you will enjoy your visit.